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Activity Listings

Unlimited beautifully presented listings including photos, participant information, venue details, and comprehensive activity information. Complete with Enquire button enabling families to contact you directly.

All listings searchable via a range of fields including location, times, age, gender or type of activities.

Playz Page

Your unique Playz page summarising your profile listings complete with a calendar of all your activities.

Your Playz Page is your own customisable webpage and is a great tool to promote all your business and all your activities.

Playz Dashboard

Accessible 24/7 from your choice of device, your Playz Dashboard is where you list and update activities, manage your participants and calendars and access all information on bookings. You are always in control of your online Playz presence.

Optional Playz Services


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(Participant & Calendar Management & More)


(Additional Marketing & More)
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to Existing Systems

$10 per month
(Unlimited Linked Activities)

Is Playz for you?

Sole Traders

Do you struggle with admin and paperwork? The constant invoicing, trying to promote your activities to new families and managing those kids who are currently attending your activities?

With no upfront costs, subscriptions or expensive marketing fees, Playz provides you with the platform to take upfront on-line bookings, promote your activities and manage all your participants. Simple and easy.

Anyone Providing Kids' Activities

Are you looking to increase promotion of your activities to more families?

You may be a dedicated kids’ activity provider or have a range of activities some of which will appeal to kids. Your activities may be one-off or ongoing.

Playz will increase the reach of your promotion by enabling you to target families and give you the option of taking upfront online bookings and managing your participants. You can even link your listings to your current booking systems.

Club & Community Organisations

At last support for clubs and community organisations for promotion, managing enrolments and taking payments. Playz is designed to support your ongoing recurring activities. With a simple intuitive platform, anyone in your club can use Playz to easily manage all the behind-the-scenes work.


“Playz has been a great choice for me for several reasons – they are local and they helped set up the system – I had looked at other systems and I was completely on my own for set-up. Playz were totally involved and the support was outstanding. They tailored elements of the system to meet my needs and do their very best to adapt the system to meet my needs whenever I ask. Their ongoing customer support is also excellent. And lastly, the system is perfect for me – I needed the ability to book parties, holiday programs, classes and casual classes and that was the exact setup of Playz.”
Merryl Sacher | Merryl's Mosaics
I love going onto Playz and actually being able to search for specific activities for my kids at specific times. All the information I need to make a booking is in the one place and once I have booked I share information with my friends so we can easily coordinate our kids' activities together.
In my busy life, having a simple one-stop-shop for finding and paying for kids' activities is such a help.
Donna Sharp | Mum of 3
For the first time, one of my kids' music teachers sent through a payment e-mail using Playz and I can't express how much easier it is to pay online for the term and not have to worry about cash every week.
Ian Morley | Dad of 2

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