Bundanoon Highland Gathering Inc. --Brigadoon

Bundanoon Highland Gathering Inc. --Brigadoon
ABN: 15707708006

41st Annual BRIGADOON 7 April 2018
This annual event began in 1978, its principle aim to raise funds for local charities and bring tourists to Bundanoon in particular and the Southern Highlands in general thereby benefiting local businesses, guesthouses and hotels. Continuing to this day, “Bundanoon is Brigadoon” has become one of the most successful events staged in the area. From its humble beginnings of a handful of pipe bands and spectators, and is recognised worldwide and has grown to into one of the finest Highland Gatherings in Australia,
“Bundanoon is Brigadoon” is a non-profit making, registered charity event. It has a Volunteer committee of around 20 and each individual is responsible for their own portfolio.Brigadoon committee ensures that it recognises the commitment of those local charities and groups who give countless hours (in excess of 2000 hours) of labour to the gathering by disbursing monies raised on the day on a proportional basis to each organisation. In total there were over 50 groups involved in assisting Brigadoon this year
Policies in Place
  • Sunsmart Policy: Not Applicable
  • Safeguarding Children accreditation or Child Safer Organisation Certificate: Not Applicable
  • Healthy Food Policy: Yes

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