• Pip Davidson

It’s hard to beat a picnic on a beautiful sunny day

Everyone loves a good old fashioned picnic! There is something therapeutic about eating outdoors in the shade on a sunny day. This coming weekend why not venture away from home and visit a park, beach or playground in your region with a picnic to enjoy as family?

Any day is good for a picnic - in summer we like evening picnics once the heat of the day has gone. A picnic can be enjoyed away from home, at home or whilst travelling.

It is important to pack food that is well packaged (good leak proof containers) and correctly stored (e.g. cold foods in a chilly bin or bag with ice packs or hot foods in an insulated bag or thermos).

Simple picnic ideas include easy to eat foods. Our favourite ones can be prepared in advance and generally with little or no mess.

It’s hard to beat a picnic on a beautiful sunny day. Warm weather, good food and enjoying the outdoors – what could be better?

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