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  • + How do I list my activities on Playz ?

    Firstly you need to create an account as a kids’ activity provider.  Then just follow all the prompts to list your activity.  Playz will take you through three easy steps where you will add in all the information needed and choose how you want Playz to work for you.

  • + What does it cost to list my activities on Playz ?

    Listing your activities on Playz is totally free.

    We also provide you additional services such as Playz Workz and Playz Linkz.  We have a great three minute video showing you the benefits of these services that you can watch here.  Alternatively for a summary sheet click here.

  • + Who manages my information on Playz?

    You  manage all your own information on Playz through your dashboard, 24/7 from whatever device you choose!

  • + I need parents to sign off on my own terms and conditions, how does this work on playz ?

    You can upload or enter in your own terms and conditions plus cancellations policies on playz.  When a user of playz books your activity, they will be required to agree to your terms and condition and privacy policy prior to making their booking with you.

  • + What if I need to refund someone ?

    You can process refunds directly through your Playz dashboard going into your orders.  Just remember that refunding money does not automatically remove the participant from the activity – you will need to do this through the Participant Management Tool.

  • + If I take bookings through Playz, how do I get paid ?

    We ask you to set up an account with Stripe as part of your registration process with Playz.  Payments made to you through Playz (less the Playz booking fee) go immediately into your Stripe account and once processed by Stripe (within 24-48 hours) can be transferred automatically into your chosen bank account.

    Families can book your activities on Playz using any Australian credit card.



  • + I have complex enrolment information I need to collect, how would that work on Playz ?

    On Playz you create your own enrolment forms – you can create different enrolment forms for different listings.  You simply need to click which fields you want to include in your own enrolment form.  If you can’t find a field you want to include, contact us and we will add it in for you.

  • + My business is part of a franchise, can I list on Playz ?

    Generally the answer is yes.  Of course you should check that you are complying with your franchise agreement.

    There are two potential ways to list your activities if you are part of a franchise.  A central account for the whole franchise can be created with multiple listings for all the franchisee’s or alternatively each franchisee can set up their own account.

  • + How do I know I won’t get more bookings then I have places for ?

    When you set up your timetable Playz, you select the number of places available.  Playz then manages this availability according to which bookings take place, who you chose to add to the the activity independently and any reservations that you have sent out.

  • + What if someone gives me a false review of my activity ?

    When someone rates and reviews your activity, we review it before it is published.  This is a basic check to ensure that reviews meet our basic values at playz.  As an activity provider on playz, you also get to respond to any review you wish.  If you think a review is blatantly untrue, contact us and we may be able to remove it for you.

  • + Why isn’t my listing coming up as the first listing in search results?

    When your listing(s) meet a user’s search criteria, they are included in all the listings that meet that criteria.  Unlike other sites, we randomise our search results, so Aardvark doesn’t always come up first.  We keep each random order for 24 hours, so if you do a search on yourself tomorrow, you will see you come up in a different order.

    Users are also able to sort the results by set criteria.  By default, this is set to activities that a user can book now.

  • + I’m a music teacher, can I be on Playz ?

    Yes, Playz is ideal for you.  You can use Playz to promote your classes, send out payment invitations for the new term and manage all your students and the availability.  You can even use Playz to schedule your make-up classes.

  • + Can I list a one-off event on Playz ?

    Yes, you can list a one-off event.  You can use Playz to manage bookings or tickets for this one-off event as well as selling additional items. Just follow the prompts when setting up your listing.

  • + I run classes by the Term, can I do re-enrollments though Playz ?

    Absolutely.  Playz has unique rollover calendar functionality which makes it quick and easy to rollover your classes from one term to the next.  When you rollover your calendar you can choose to send out payment invitations to current participants which means that there is no more chasing invoices and payments for each new term. You can also waitlist participants so when places become available you can easily book them in.


Back To Top FAQs for Parents and Kids

  • + What does it cost to use Playz ?

    Nothing, it is totally free to use Playz.  Of course if you book an activity, you need to pay for that, but it costs no more to book on Playz then directly with the activity provider.

  • + Why should I register on Playz ?

    Registering on Playz enables you to utilise the full functionality of the site including

    – making bookings on Playz

    – creating “friends” on Playz so you can share your kids activities with the parents of their friends, helping you to coordinate

    – post a review of an activity on Playz

    – see your previous searches on Playz

    – save favourite activity providers on Playz so you can quickly find them later

    – view your bookings made on Playz


  • + How do I invite someone to be my friend on playz ?

    Login to playz (we recommend using social media to login, but you can use your email and a password also).

    Go to your dashboard and click on the tab Friends.  Type in an email address on the right hand side to invite someone to be your friend on playz.  If they are not already registered on playz, they will get an email, inviting them to register and friend you.

    Once they have accepted your invitation, you will be able to see their bookings (and they will see yours).  This will make coordinating your children’s bookings easy.


  • + If I register will I get bombarded with emails ?

    No, we will not send you heaps of emails.  We will occasionally send you our newsletter (about 4 per year), which will have activities and events that we think will be of interest you you and your kids.  If you want to opt out of these, you can click unsubscribe at anytime and we will stop sending you newsletters.

  • + Is it safe to book an activity through Playz ?

    Yes, all transactions on Playz  use Stripe which is an international payment gateway powering such businesses as Facebook, Pinterest and Deliveroo.

  • + Do I need a Paypal account to book an activity on Playz ?

    No, Playz takes all Australian credit cards and does not use PayPal for payments.

  • + I’ve booked an activity, but lost my email receipt. How can I see what I have booked?

    You can login to Playz and click on your own dashboard to see your bookings.  If you have forgotten your password, let us know at the login screen and we can reset it for you.

  • + How is Playz different from other kids’ directory websites

    Find – Using Playz you can find the best activities for your kids based on their needs and your needs.  This may include age, gender and special needs.  You can also search on location and accessability.

    Book – On Playz you can book activities that you find. Instead of finding activities and then having to follow up on availability, Playz has all this information at your fingertips making booking a breeze.

    Share – Playz is a community of like-minded families.  You can share activities, post reviews and see what your Plays friends are booking their kids into.

    PlayPlayz supports the healthier happiest play experiences for kids of all ages.


  • + Are there any hidden booking fees I have to pay ?

    No, the price shown is the total price you will pay (including the GST).  If an activity is shown as costing $50, then it will cost you $50 and no more.

  • + Do I get a receipt when I’ve booked an activity ?

    Yes, you will be emailed a receipt detailing your booking.  If you don’t receive your email, check your Junk folder, as some email servers can be over zealous.

  • + I have written a review but I can’t see it published, where is it ?

    All reviews on playz are reviewed to ensure that they comply with our values (see our review guidelines in the Rules of Playz).  We aim to have all reviews checked and published within 24 hours.  If you don’t see your review within 24 hours, please feel free to contact us at info@playz.com.au and we can see where it is at.

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