Sandy Mini Golf We have an 18 holes mini golf course that is designed for all age groups and skill levels. Choose from our 3 tees on each hole according to your ability. Families of up to 6 can play at the same time . No bookings required for mini golf , come and enjoy!!!


No 1. Self Catered Party (10 participants) $180.00
No. 2 Catered Party (10 participants included) $250.00
No 3. Deluxe Catered Party (10 participants) $300.00

Other Items

Fruit Platter (for 10 participants) $35.00
Extra Participant (No1: Self Catered Party Package) $15.00
Extra Participant (No 2: Catered Party Package) $20.00
Extra Participant (No 3: Deluxe Party Package) $25.00