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Playz is an Australian owned and Australian made, independent website, created by parents for parents.

We are here to help you with the juggle of being a parent.

Read Our Story to learn how we began.

Our Story

In 2010 Jeff Sharp (Information Communications Technology Manager) and Rachel Morley (social worker & former small business owner) and their three children embarked on their annual road journey from Melbourne to Adelaide. Nine hours later the idea for Playz was born!

As busy working parents, Rachel and Jeff had found it increasingly difficult to easily find holiday activities for their children which met their requirements for particular dates and differing interests for each child. To add complexity, their kids wanted to go to activities with their friends, making it even more time consuming to coordinate. And then, upon finding activities, they were often already booked out or not available on their preferred dates.

Driving to Adelaide was the perfect time to talk through what was lacking in the seemingly well populated range of directories and websites focused on kids activities.  None of the available options were geared towards the parents’ and children’s needs.

“What we need” said Rachel “Is a Stayz for Kids – somewhere we we can find, book, share and play.”

It took four more years for Playz to be realised.

Whilst developing Playz it became apparent that, whilst the driving force was meeting parents’ needs, kids’ activity providers also had a range of needs that were not being met by the current range of online options. Thankfully Rachel and Jeff had a number of friends who were providers of activities to kids and their first piece of advice was “not another  %#@&# directory!!”.  So Playz had to be different and offer activity providers more than just a listing on another directory.

Playz meets activity providers’ needs by providing unique tools including enrolments, online booking, reviews, waitlists and specific listings of all activities. Most importantly, Playz does not differentiate between big activity providers and small activity providers – they are all on an equal footing when it comes to being found by parents.

Welcome to Playz – we are a game changer!

Our Values

Every child and young person has the right to play in a safe, health promoting environment.

At playz we encourage all our activity providers to consider a range of policies to help create these nurturing, educational, healthy and fun activities for kids.  We have information and resources that activity providers can access to strengthen the environment in which their activities operate.


Every parent & carer should be able to easily find activities to meet their needs and the needs of their children.

Children and young people have a range of interests and a range of individual needs.  Through playz unique search fields which include keywords, special needs, language and religion (to name a few) it is possible to find exactly the right activity that suits your family. In addition, the needs of families such as dates, availability, cost, and location  are all easily searchable.


Kids’ activity providers are diverse and need flexible solutions to support the provision of activities to kids.

The industry in which kids activities are provided is diverse.  Activity providers range from sole operators to large businesses operating activities throughout Australia.  There are government activity providers (from federal to local) and religious based organisations. Playz aims to support each of our providers equally. Providers can choose from free options through to fee for service options and can select different options for the different activities they run.


Our Vision

To be the best possible resource for parents to find activities for their kids.

Parents are busy people and don’t need to be overloaded.  At playz we are not here to give you parenting advice or “useful tips”  that usually make you feel less competent not more! We don’t bombard you with adds or manipulate your search results to the provider that pays the most. You will find what you are looking for in a streamlined efficient and relaxed online environment.  Our solution have been tailored to solve your problems.  And we know this because your problems are our problems too!

We intend to create the best possible resource for families to find activities for their children.  We want to also provide activity providers with a low cost and equitable method of promoting their activities to their intended participants.

Ultimately, we want to create a resource for both families and activity providers that helps with the juggle and lets kids play.

Our Services


We provide families the ability to find activities for their kids in a direct and uncomplicated manner.  Our advanced search functionality lets families search by criteria including Special Needs, Languages, Location, Times, Ages, Gender and more.


We also provide the ability to directly book activities through playz.  Once you have found your activity, you don’t need to go to their website, and check availability – you can book directly with the activity provider through us.


Coordinating your kids activities with their friends can be a logistical challenge.  Playz lets you “friend” the parents of your kids friends, enabling you to share visibility of your bookings.  This way, you can be sure that your kids will have their friends enrolled in the same sessions as them.


Finally, you want to know that when your kids are booked in and have a chance to play, that they are having fun and will be in a well run activity.  Playz lets you review your kids activities, helping other users find the great options available on playz.

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