Playz is an Australian owned and Australian made, independent website. Playz meets activity providers’ needs by providing unique tools including enrolments, online booking, reviews, waitlists and specific listings of all activities.

Playz does not differentiate between big activity providers and small activity providers – they are all on an equal footing when it comes to being found by parents.

Welcome to Playz.

Our Values

Every child and young person has the right to play in a safe, health promoting environment. 


Every family should be able to easily find activities to meet their needs.


Activity providers are diverse and need flexible solutions to support the provision of activities.



Our Vision

To be the best possible resource for families to find activities for their children.

We want to provide activity providers with a low cost and equitable method of promoting their activities to their intended participants.

Ultimately, we want to create a resource for both families and activity providers that helps with the juggle and lets kids play.

Find. Book. Share. Play


We provide families the ability to find activities for their kids in a direct and uncomplicated manner.


We also provide the ability to directly book activities through Playz.


Playz lets you “friend” parents of your children’s friends, enabling you to share visibility of your bookings so you can be sure friends are enrolled in the same sessions.


Playz lets you review activities, helping other users find the great options available.

Playz – find book share play

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